30 Posts of Truth #4 — Something I have to forgive someone else for

So many things I need to forgive about others are turning out to be situations I might have stopped before they started.  But I’ve mentioned one before, and I come back to it now.  I need to forgive my diabetes-diagnosing physician, who (in so many words,) cursed me from the very first.

Actually, this may be harder than I thought.  If I had a hand in others’ acts in my life, I can fall back on my own sense of blame and unworthiness.  But this doctor actually  predicted that I’d be dead by 40.  When I was 14.  What a sad, worthless waste of a life.

I could go over all the terrible results this curse helped to create, but I won’t.  That is an old story, and not the focus of my entire life, as it was before.  In thinking about that day, I’m inclined to think that he gave a medical opinion, based on his available knowledge.  That doesn’t excuse the curse, but it does help to explain.  And seeing reason in the unpleasant behavior of others makes  easier the act of forgiveness.

So, Dr. W., I forgive you, and I’m done talking about this.


4 responses to “30 Posts of Truth #4 — Something I have to forgive someone else for

  1. 🙂 You are very welcome. I do that a lot too, where I think I’m just advising a friend, but I really need to follow the same advice as well!
    I was gonna say, if you don’t find him, find the next best thing, a wife, child or tombstone – but I may be losing it 😀
    Take care. And have a lovely Christmas Judith.

  2. Hi Judith, love your post title.
    I might be out of line. I had a conversation with my sister (17 at the time) a few years back and she was adamant that she wanted to know what she was going to be when she grows up, what God’s plan for her was. I told her then, that knowing the “end” in that way can make you stop living the years that come before.
    So it looks like this Dr. W did this to you by giving you that prediction. I admit to not know the history with Dr. W, whether you’ve ever confronted him and the like. Reading this post I feel maybe for your own total release, you might need to forgive him to his face. Not for his benefit mind you, but your own freedom. Without maybe knowing it, he’s taken away so many years of your peace.
    I wish you all the best in the coming decades that you are still to live – brace yourself. 🙂

    • You are not out of line, and you have hit the situation right on the head, as far as the results of the doc’s fortune-telling. And I would confront him, if I could find him. So maybe it’s better for me just to let go, rather than go on a safari with him as the game. But thank you for your advice — those are the same words I’ve given to a friend of mine, over and over again. And, while I’m at work, I’ll be thinking about this; I’m already wondering if I might try one or two other searches — this is how mixed-up I am; my plans change from minute to minute, but at least now they’re changing, not focused on the end.

      Thanks so much for your kind words, and your suggestion — if I decide to follow through, I will let you know! Have a terrific day, and a very merry Christmas!

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