30-Day Top Five Challenge Day Twenty-Eight: Top Five Favorite TV Shows

I don’t watch network TV; I’m sure I am missing a good show every once in a while, but mostly  I’m happier with these:

  1. Prophets of Science Fiction:  On the Science Channel, Ridley Scott, director of Blade Runner, among many, many other movies, tells the stories of various sci-fi authors and the extent to which their writings have come true.  He examines what would need to change to have that happen, and the program is full to the brim of sci-fi literature information.
  2. Good Eats:  Alton Brown’s cooking show on the Food Network.  Alton has a great deal of knowledge, and combines it with an ironic and funny personality, and a great script for each show.  He is an all-around TV star — so much fun to watch.
  3. Top Chef:  This show was much better in the first three or four seasons, but even though it became a little corny, and not quite as spontaneous, the cooking challenges are still very interesting, and some of the ingredients are way out there.
  4. The Universe:  This show has been a favorite of mine from its first episode.  And if I see a rerun, there are still things to learn.  The topics vary enough to keep me interested and curious, and for the most part, the scientists are very natural and easy to understand.
  5. Project Runway:  This is the original competition/elimination show — it started at least a couple of years before any others.  It was also a much better show in the first 5 seasons — when it moved to Lifetime, the whole thing lost its edge, and became another half-clone of itself, not challenging enough to be interesting, but far too personality-oriented to seem like a serious show.  A real shame!

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