My Gratitude List 03/03/2012

I have so many, many reasons to be grateful this week.  Mom and I had a terrific vacation at the Epcot Center, in Walt Disney World.  I got to see attractions and country pavilions I’ve been hearing about for a couple of decades, now.  We traveled well together once again, as I knew we would.  I am thankful that my family is happy for us — they know better than any how unlikely a successful vacation for Mom and me was, even only a year ago!  I love my family, and I thank whoever or whatever is in charge that I have lived as part of this family long enough to get to this point.  And thank you, Mom — you made this trip a real dream come true!

I am grateful to be healthy enough to look forward to each day when I awake, and I give thanks every single day because I know that this feeling will still be here with me, even if my health deteriorates.  I have no intention of hurrying that along — I like who I am and where I am right now, and I intend to maintain that positivity through my friends, my blog, my family, and my own new sense of self-worth.  And that is something to be very thankful for.

I am elated that my friend D. is starting another Dream Team, similar to the one which helped me start  This time, we will all be veterans, and able to get working on our goals faster for already knowing the process.  I cannot wait to get started!  Thank you, D!  And I am grateful for all of my blogger friends, and the people who read my posts — your presence makes my self-examination seem easier, somehow.

I know I’ve forgotten important things for which I am grateful — I’ll be back next Saturday with another Gratitude List.


4 responses to “My Gratitude List 03/03/2012

    • Thanks, Packo. You will, someday; if you want it, concentrate on the happiness the very idea gives you, and the actual event will follow that joy into your life. See Abrahamhicks dot com.

    • Hi, Tilly Bud. I decided shortly after I began writing that this would be a regular Saturday feature of my blog, so I won’t forget how very lucky I am, or that I need to use each minute, always, for joy.

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