Share Your World Sunday 03/04/2012

With great thanks to Cee, who created this challenge to help us all get to know each other, here are this week’s questions:

  • What is your favorite month of the year?
  • What is something you learned in the last week?
  • What color looks best on you?
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

And here are my answers:

  • What is my favorite month of the year?  I have different reasons to love different months of the year.  I think it will be easier to understand me if I list the months I don’t like, and the reasons.  I don’t like June in Maine — June is always rainy, and I remember at least two Junes in my life here when rain fell every single day!  For almost the same reasons, I dislike November — the beginning of winter here is often a gloomy time.
  • What is something I’ve learned in the last week?  I learned that I can be in very large groups of people with comfort and peace.  What a gift!
  • What color looks best on me?  RED!  Not Rose, or Maroon, or Burgundy, or Cherry, or Magenta, or Wine.  My color is Fire-engine Red, and while I can wear some of those other reds, bright, almost-orangey red is the color that makes me look alive.
  • If I could have any superpower, what would it be?  First, I have to assert that my idea of a superpower is not something I could do that I don’t want to or try to do now.  Eternal health is not a superpower, for me, although I would love to have it.  I don’t need a magic ability to achieve health — I need self-discipline.  So, for a superpower, I guess I’d like to be able to fly — that seems safe enough for now.  I want to be who I am, not who I would be with a superpower.

10 responses to “Share Your World Sunday 03/04/2012

  1. Love your answers Judith!
    Especially about your wish for health and knowing you need not a magic power, but instead self discipline. I so hear you on this sister!

    I don’t do rain well either. I don’t like feeling damp and 1 yrs in Seattle was more than enough for me.

    Happy weekend to you!!

  2. ooh, this one is fun…
    Fav month of the year… hmmm. being back in tassie where the weather is temperate, I love December, January. Mid summer. 28C not 40+C.
    Something I’ve learned this week…. lots of small things from the various journeys C and I have been on. Art is completley subjective for instance!
    Best colour on me…. bright colours so long as they are not ornage or yellow or Y & O toned. (Red, pink, blue, lime green, burgandies…) I have always recieved compliments when wearing theese colours.
    Superpower I could have… would love to fly but that would mean not having vertigo… so I think invisibilty would be the go.

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