A Daydream Believer

I visited the blog of my friend George today; it is called Coalescence.  Every Sunday, George  posts a Sunday Spin, a song that has been in his life at one point or another.  He invites comments on the song, the artist, and what the song means to his readers.

Today, in honor of the Davy Jones, a member of The Monkees, who died recently of a heart attack, George’s Sunday Spin was Daydream Believerthis song was composed by John Stewart of the Kingston Trio.  Contrary to popular opinion, the members of the band actually played and sang the song, although on many of their earlier songs, they provided only vocals.

For me, The Monkees were only musical recordings until we returned to the States from Turkey.  Then, we were too late for the TV show, although we saw it in reruns on Saturday mornings.  For no reason I can think of, I was really fond of the show, which seems sort of nuts to me now — it was a very childish show, and usually I thought I was above that, even at 10.  But I certainly loved the music, and especially this particular song.  There is something so genuine about the lyrics, and Davy Jones’ voice as well.  As I’ve aged, I’ve had times when I’ve heard it on a happy day, and listened with a big grin on my face.  There have been times when I’ve heard it on a sad day, or an angry day, or just a bad day, and by the end of the song, there again is that smile.

So, this is the link to the original recording of the song.  Enjoy, and I hope it makes you smile.  And please, cut the boys a little slack for the set, and the outfits, and the hair, and Davy’s dancing — it was 1967, after all.


4 responses to “A Daydream Believer

  1. Hi Judith! Thank you for the nice plug and kind words! It is so weird to know Davy is gone—we’re all older now . . . sad.

    I want to let you know that I am way, way behind on reading your posts—sorry! The issues with my car have caused us to spend a lot of time batting different solutions/scenarios back and forth, so I’ve had little “computer time” lately.

    • Please, George, absolutely no worries! After all, we of the blogging world have to leave a small percentage of our for…..I don’t know…EVERYTHING ELSE!!! 😎 And thank you for these views into your life.

  2. That video is quite the time capsule. I think back to the clothes I owned and the look I aspired to — my oh my. But it was “happy” music. Wouldn’t mind a return to that.

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