The Sunshine Award

I’ve received notification  from my friend, Aslan, that he is presenting me with the Sunshine Award.  I am really proud to receive this award from Aslan, because his blog is focused on “life, death, and what lies in between; the two of us approach much of the same type of material in very different ways.  Here is a link to his site:; check out his site 😎

The first task associated with this award is to answer some questions about myself:

  • Favorite Color:  Fire-Engine Red — second from right
  • Favorite Animal:  Tie:  Hippo and Jaguar — The Jaguar is my Mayan Sun-sign; I saw a program on Hippo mother and baby life — video of them swimming underwater absolutely stole my heart.Mayan Jaguar Symbol

  • Favorite Number:  Mathematicians say it’s not a number — I disagree.
  • Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink:  Plain Iced Tea — no sugar, no lemon — best thirst-quencher in the world.  Oh, and water.
  • Facebook or Twitter:  Facebook, but only to respond to others.
  • My Passion:  Right now?  Being alive.
  • Favorite pattern:  
  • Favorite day of the week:  Tuesday (work day)
  • Favorite Flower:  

I would like to pass the award to :

There are so many others — really all of the blogs I follow bring light into my life.  See them all on my blogroll.

Thanks again, Aslan!


10 responses to “The Sunshine Award

    • I’m very glad this makes you happy. Now that the sun is staying around a little longer, this seemed like a good time for this happy award. You are most welcome, my friend!

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