Much Ado…

Well, I just spent a couple of hours working frantically, and accomplishing exactly nothing.  I often misplace new medicines, still in the bag from the pharmacy.  As a result, I was having a hissy fit when I couldn’t find these pills halfway through portioning them into my box.

I didn’t panic immediately — I had been combining bottles as I went, and I figured that I had combined the pills in the old bottle instead of the new, which I was holding.  My helper Sh. was here, so we started checking around the chair.  It’s a big old armchair, and bottles often slip between the cushions.  I looked there, while Sh. went through the bag in which I keep my bottles.  No luck.  And then we changed and looked where the other had been.  Not a sign of it, although I found a couple of those pills which had fallen loose in the bottom of the bag.

By now I was starting to get nervous.  I went into the other rooms, checking everywhere I’d been this afternoon, even though I was sure I hadn’t taken them anywhere.  I checked the bookcases in the living room — I’d been moving things around; I looked in my suitcase and in my travel bag and my purse…still nothing.  By now, I’m starting to talk about not being able to get them refilled.  The prescription was hydrocortisone, the med which keeps my adrenal system from sending my blood sugar to the 20s, with no warning.  I knew there was not any way I could do without those pills — I began to think about taking 2 a day, instead of 3.

I checked my blood sugar — 115, which was safe for now, but not for long. I called my pharmacy 3 times, and their phone was busy.  Sh. went downstairs to put the clothes in the dryers, and I finally reached the pharmacist, just as I looked at the bottle and saw, to my deep chagrin and embarrassment, that the quantity 90 was crossed out and instead was written 19.  Now, I had looked at that bottle several times; so had Sh., but neither of us had looked anywhere but the date.

So, one great big fat conniption about absolutely nothing.  I worked myself up into fits about this thing, and if I had stayed calm and just looked at the bottle, I would have avoided the whole mess.  That’ll teach me, won’t it?  Obviously, the answer is to take care of the pills immediately upon getting them, instead of throwing the bags on a counter or in a chair and ignoring them for a couple of hours.  And the other answer is for me to pay more attention — that is becoming a little bit more difficult to accomplish by the day.  I think my new mantra will have to be open your eyes, or read the label, or be mindful, or, finally, listen, dumbass, pay attention!  One of those will work.  😎


8 responses to “Much Ado…

  1. I am glad that I paid so little attention to good advice; had I abided by it I might have been saved from some of my most valuable mistakes.~Edna St. Vincent Millay obtained from Attention quotes

  2. Shame, shame on the pharmacy for not telling you they owed you the rest of the script. This could be dangerous and although I’ve done the same thing, getting worked up – but the pharmacy? Shame, shame.

    Lesson learned, but don’t beat yourself up Judith.

    • Thanks — I will just try not to react so quickly — seat of the pants, you know? This is one of only a very few times in 40 years, off and on, that these folks have been my pharmacists. I’m considering it a lesson well-learned

  3. I shouldn’t laugh really, but it’s kinda funny. We all do things like this, although maybe not with life’s medicines. Glad they were found safely.

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