On writing, and on writing

I have noticed that, although I put thought and time into my answers to the Spiritual 30-Day Challenge, (or perhaps because I do,) they still don’t sound as easy, or natural, as my other posts.  I’m not positive why that happens, But I can venture a guess or two.

I don’t sit and dissect the topics of my other posts.  I start typing, and then weed out what I need to.  And I let my brain connect directly to my fingers, without putting any blocks up about style, or word choices, or the ideas I want to convey.  I have known this about myself in the past, but I still tighten up a little when answering a question as serious as those about spirituality.  If I could relax, those posts would be truer to my inner author.

And I don’t have this problem with 100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups, or with Share Your World , or with Six-Word Saturday, even though they often have some kind of general theme or topic.  I understand, sort of, the difference — I created the Spirituality Challenge, and I feel a strong sense of ownership.  That will change, I know, as I write more and create new challenges.  And I am conveying information, rather than ideas; that is a big difference right there.

So, this post is written to apologize to myself, for stiffening up, and not allowing the challenge answers to have the same comfort about them as my other posts.  Now that I have recognized this, those answers should start sounding a little less pedantic.  We’ll have to wait and see.


4 responses to “On writing, and on writing

  1. I struggle with this too, although it doesn’t seem to be an issue to my readers. I’m not sure if I’m just being too critical of myself.


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