100WCGU #33

Welcome to the 100WCGU, Week #33.
Julia, at Julia’s Place, created this terrific challenge, and after a couple of weeks, I can that it is doing me and my writing a lot of good.

100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups Week #33.

I love this piece, which comes from the Eden Project in Cornwall, SW England.  Thanks, Julia, for choosing such an interesting photo for our topic this week.

I am standing at Fort Popham beach, as I have every day now for two weeks.  I scan the piles of seaweed and sand for driftwood; I only need a couple of pieces.  My beautiful horse is almost complete, if I can only find the right shapes today.  From here, near the fort, I can see the length of the beach; softly, old memories surface, of the first time I searched this beach for driftwood.  I was young, and we had nothing in mind but a big bonfire.  I’m  caught in the memory of that night;  the horse will wait.


8 responses to “100WCGU #33

    • Thank you, Neeks. I spent a LOT of my adulthood living in my past; whether or not that was a successful
      strategy, it certainly influenced the way I write now. Did you participate this week? I’d love to follow your responses to this. 😎

      • Nothing to apologize for, or at least that’s how I feel. Our lives give us the spark which effects our writing, and if you are feeling less than inspired, you are doing the exact right thing. Charge your battery, my friend!

    • Thanks, Beth. And when I read yours, I actually felt that I was laying there on that hot sand; expert-level vocabulary and word choices. I have a great deal of respect for, what seems to me to be, your innate abilities as a writer. 😎

    • Thank you, Kate. I look forward every week to the theme, and to what we all find in it. And thank you so much for your kind words, every week. I am very happy that I found this wonderful family of friends — And thank you so much for welcoming me.

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