30-Day Challenge: Spirituality — Day 15

Day 15:  If you had to live in a culture which represents a different faith from your own, which would it be?   (Assume for the purposes of this topic that no spiritual prejudice exists.  Don’t worry about what others would think of your faith.  Simply tell of the culture you would choose.)

I know very little about any Pacific Island religions, although many of the native religions are polytheistic, and gods and goddesses have been known to jump from island to island.  I do know that I would truly, truly love to live on an island in the Pacific.  I would keep myself busy as a writer, or an editor, or some other position which would be flexible enough to allow me time to get to know about the social structure, and the culture, of my fellow Islanders.  I would spend as much free time as I could spare getting a scuba license, and then stepping into the beautiful Pacific ocean and finding a reef to study.  The fish of the Pacific are more varied and more colorful than the fish of the Atlantic.  You might see 10x the number of individual sea life species in any measured amount of the Pacific as you would in the Bahamas, or the Yucatan.  Maybe I can study and write about fish!

The island I chose would have to have an airport, and mail service, so I could receive my medical supplies.  I would prefer to live with peaceful people, but there have been times, in the past and now, when all I wanted was to build a compound in Fiji, and invite some of my friends and family to live with me.  We’ll have to see who wins this Presidential election, I guess, so start saving pennies if you think this sounds like a good place to live. ☼✩


2 responses to “30-Day Challenge: Spirituality — Day 15

  1. Oh take me.. I want to live in a place like that.. All of this bickering and disrespect of people, religions etc is so exhausting..
    Fiji sounds wonderful 🙂

    • Actually, I started thinking about Fiji when George H.W. Bush was elected. I let it go while Clinton was in office, but I started researching seriously when GW got elected, the little darling. Now, no one in either house will even consider cooperating, or collaborating, with any one of the opposite party. A bunch of kindergartners! I’ll try to stop by your blog tomorrow. 😎

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