Dream Team Redux

Our alumna Dream Team group started tonight and, to everyone’s surprise, our goals each involve writing a book.  So we are the Guppies — the Great Unpublished.   Five women in our group, all near the same age; two teachers, two published authors, one blogger — moi.  All of them attend the same church — I am not even thinking about this now, but for all my wacko spiritual beliefs and practices, I might like to get back into some fellowship.  Of course, they might not want me in their midst, polluting minds with  Paganism — Duh, Duh, Duuuuuhhhhhhh.

But, as we had all participated in a beginners’ Dream Team, we were able to bypass a whole bunch of the introductory stuff, and get right into talking about our goals.  We will set mini-goals each week, in the interest of getting started with our big project.  Mine for this week:  

  • Stand up every half hour, walk into the other room, and turn my cell alarm off.  At least I won’t be planted in this chair for hours at a stretch.
  • Make a final decision as to what genre of book I intend to write.  I’ve only been thinking about this for about a year…but it’s time to get serious, this week.
  • Publish two posts a day for the blog, and complete five pages or more of the book.  They don’t have to be good — they can, in fact, be awful; I want 5 pages, at least, done, before I lose my nerve again.

So there it is — my goal for the next week, and for the next eight weeks, I hope to have completed at least two chapters.  Again, they don’t have to be any good at all — I just need to write them down.  Wish me luck!!


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