Share Your World 03/11/2012

The Share Your World Challenge was founded by Cee, who is seeking to bring us all together by learning more about each other.  Any blogger is welcome to participate: copy the 4 questions from Cee’s blog, and Paste them in your post.  Be sure, (and this is my instruction, not Cee’s,) to link back to Cee’s blog,

Here are this week’s questions:

  1. Who was your favorite Teacher – what grade and why?  My favorite teacher?  I’ve had so many really great teachers, I find it a little tough to choose.  I would say Mr. John C. Kakouros, my english teacher in 9th grade.  The link will take you to a post I wrote about him.  He was the very best at teaching us to laugh at ourselves, by laughing at himself, all the time.
  2. What do you like most about your home?  The fact that it is MY home.  Well, I rent, but as long as I pay the rent, and obey the landlord’s rules, and allow the eight or ten inspections they carry out each year, this is my home.  I decide when the lights are on, or off.  I decide mealtimes, and TV programs, and holiday decorations, and every other thing in this apartment.  And I like most of it very much.  And I’m working on the rest.
  3. If you were forced to change the name of your blog what would you change it to?  Funny you should ask — I’ve been wrestling for weeks over whether or not to change the blog to something less specific.  I am not going to do this.  But if I did, it would be some other form redemption, while still ensuring that it not speak specifically of religious redemption, which would exclude so many.
  4. If a movie was made based on your life, what actor/actress would play you?  Cameron Mannheim?  I don’t know her acting that well, though she fits the appearance.  No, I think I would choose Queen Latifah.  I have a great deal of respect for her acting, for her perseverance in moving from rap musician to actress.  I believe she has the skill to play the very insane me, and the more recent, slightly less insane me.  I hope she’ll take the part, when the role comes along.  😎

8 responses to “Share Your World 03/11/2012

    • Thank you, Cee. And thanks again for coming up with the good questions. Did you notice that I got BoxedinManila to join in — I’m so glad — he needs to feel more included.

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