Six-Word Saturday

The Six-Word Saturday Challenge comes to us from the  laugh-giving  blog Show My Face.

Six-Word Saturday

The title is self-explanatory — I’m to write six words which say something about my life.  Here are my six words:

Today, I started writing my book.


9 responses to “Six-Word Saturday

    • Thanks, George! I just wrote another couple of pages — too late to write any more, though if I wasn’t so tired, I’d bet I could do two or three more tonight! This is fun!

  1. That’s great Judith. I wish I could write mine too but will have to study English first – no background in writing here. Though I came from a family of exceptional writers. Wishful thinking me my own book. Why not? LOL.

    • No reason why not, my friend. You are already a writer — you author a blog. Check around and see if you can sign up for English or EASL in an Adult Ed. program, or a local high school or community college. That book will come out before you know it! 😎

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