30-Day Challenge: Spirituality, Day 18

Day 18:  Do you and your significant other share opinions about faith and spirit?

I am not currently blessed, nor burdened, with a significant other.  I will write a little about a significant other in my past.

I was married three times, and often had serious relationships in between.  Almost none of these men ever even wanted to talk about spirituality, much less compare beliefs or go to church.  But there was H., my second husband, whom I met in Colorado.  Although we never talked about any of this when we were in Colorado, when we moved back to Maine, and I rejoined the church choir, he came along to sing as well.  Actually, he had a lovely voice — he was still with the church after I’d long left.  I know he developed a strong faith, but we still didn’t talk about it much, except for church schedules, etc.

So, although we attended church, we still never really talked much about Faith.  I remember once, though, after I had told H. about my decision to go to seminary.  We were renting from my father’s irascible sister, who had taken a real liking to Henry, and who had always liked me.  Of course, her liking someone was no guarantee that she wouldn’t say something completely outrageous.

As she did, when I told her I was going to seminary.  Henry and I were visiting at her house.  She didn’t ask any questions of me, but she turned to H. and asked, “How does that make you feel?”  He answered that we were still talking about it, but that he had some doubts.  My aunt looked me right in the eye and said, “Well, you know, it’s just like you told him you were leaving to learn to be a prostitute, except the uniform will be a little different.”  All I could do was laugh.  But she was right — it was a big change for us, and my first step away from the marriage.

I have often thought I would love to meet a man who is solid in his own faith, and has reached the live in the moment stage in which I find myself.  Sadly, I can’t even swing having a plain old boyfriend, so I can’t imagine where I will meet the shaman of my dreams.  But it would be really nice to spend time with someone who liked to talk about spirituality, and faith, and our similarities and differences therein.


10 responses to “30-Day Challenge: Spirituality, Day 18

  1. Well, myself and my other half both have no religious standings, so I guess that makes things a little easier. I haven’t even been christened, as my Mum wanted me to be able to make my own choice when I was older. He was christened, although doesn’t do anything with it now.

    I wouldn’t say I was Atheist, more Agnostic. I don’t believe that anything doesn’t exist or that it does. I am open to all interpretations and beliefs! 🙂

    • During the times I was married, I was usually in the same boat. Fortunately though, because no one ever wanted to talk about Faith, even more casual statements, which I would have expected to bring a scoff, passed by unnoticed. But from the sounds of it, you two have learned to coexist very well, in spite of the difference. Good for you!

      • I believe that! I didn’t learn until I was 50 that, just because something is hard, doesn’t make it bad. That was an eye-opener, after seeking out the easy way for 50 years! Good for you for loving each other enough to work this out. I’m happy for the two of you! 😎

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