30-Day Challenge: Spirituality, Day 19

My friend, D.

Photo by Roger S. Duncan, for the Forecaster, 08/08/2011

Day 19:  Briefly write about someone you know personally whose sense of faith or spirituality is different from yours.

My friend D. is on my mind today, after her help with my writing space, so I’ll write a little about her.  D. is around my age, (after 50, anywhere from 40-60 is around my age!)  She is the wife of the priest at Grace Episcopal Church in my town.  D. sings in the choir, runs Dream Teams, volunteers at the soup kitchen, and the food pantry, and at the government surplus truck every month.  She is the person who brought me into the walking group to which I belong.  She is, all-around, an energetic, happy woman — I love her to pieces.

D. knows about my experiences with the Christian organized church, and she is never critical of the way I practice my own faith.  But I know she knows how lonely I am; she has invited me to join the choir, or attend services.  I went to a women’s group meeting at Grace, with D., to describe my Dream Team experience, because D. is starting a team there in the fall.  It’s a lovely church, and I’m sure the opportunities for fellowship and community abound there.  And I’m also sure she makes some of those opportunities happen, for people like me, who need fellowship and friends.

D. is a believer in Christ, and God, and the Holy Spirit.  She doesn’t talk about it a lot, except that her faith shines out through her eyes whenever she speaks.  I miss that kind of faith.  Not what it stood for, or even what it promised, but the actual feeling of faith so strong it shone from my eyes.  And, every once in a while, I’m tempted to go — just not enough so far to follow through.  But if anyone can ever convince me to go back to a church, and to take part in the activities therein, it will be D., my faithful Christian friend.


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