Girl Scouts — 100 years and still going strong!

Today is Girl Scout Day, March 12, 2012.  This date marks the anniversary of the founding of Girl Scouts in the United States, by Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low.  That first troop consisted of 18 girls, with Daisy as the leader.  During that first year, Daisy composed the first Girl Scout handbook, “How Girls Can Help Their Country.”

The 100-year history of Girl Scouts can be found here.  I am not going to go into much detail about the organization’s history, because I want to write about my own experiences in Scouts.  Girl Scouts were a very happy experience for me, most of the time.  I remember that, very well.

For instance, when I was in Turkey, we five oldest girls, and my mom and dad, had our pictures in the paper, all in uniform and looking nice.  One year, when cookie-selling time came around, the paper ran a picture of some of us making other recipes out of Girl Scout cookies.  We learned dozens of songs, and sang them around campfires and at meetings; we worked on badges when it was time for Junior Girl Scouts.  We learned how to cook on a coffee can with a Bunsen burner.  We did crafts, and community improvement projects, and generally kept very busy, being busy, happy Scouts.

I don’t hear much about Scouts any more, although my sister DC. had a Daisy group, and a Brownie group, I think, when her youngest daughter reached those stages.  But every once in a while, in the car, or sitting on the deck at Mom’s, or almost anywhere when a few of us get together, somebody sings a line or two from one of those songs, and I, for one, am transported back to that innocent time.  For which I am very grateful.


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