100WCGU Week #34

100-Word Challenge for Grownups

A big Thanks to Julia, of Julia’s Place, for this challenge and for this week’s prompt, which is:

…but I turned it off….

This challenge is an exercise in creative writing, and for me, in sharp editing skills.  I think the polite way to say this is that I often exhibit story-telling run-over.  KISS — Keep it Simple, Sister.  (you notice, I hope, that I did not call myself stupid.)

I was afraid I’d leave the iron on, but I turned it off.  I think.  No, I’m sure.  Well, I’m not sure, but isn’t it one of those power-saver gadgets that shuts itself off after a few minutes?  Which would mean that I didn’t turn it off; I left it to turn itself off.  But who wants to trust an iron to have that kind of smarts?  Or to care at all?  Maybe I should go home.  But I turned it off.  I think.  No, I’m sure I did.  I’m really not sure.  But why wouldn’t I turn it off?  I did, didn’t I?


8 responses to “100WCGU Week #34

  1. Story of my life this, about the iron, the hairdryer, the hair straighteners …
    Nicely encapsulated the anxiety and afterthought we all experience from time to time. Well done.

  2. Don’t you just hate those situations …. did I or didn’t I, should I go back or shouldn’t I?
    Once that doubt sets in it slowly but surely takes over.
    I’m sat in my local coffee shop and you’ve got me thinking …. did I shut the front door or didn’t I?

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