30-Day Challenge: Spirituality, Day twenty-one

Day 21:  Does your faith require a public act or profession of faith?  What is it?  If not, can you think of one that would work with your own type of spirituality?

 My faith does not have public requirements or professions of belief, beyond those I myself choose to make.  If I were to examine one of almost any of the world religion components of my faith, I believe I would find most of them have these kinds of expectations or requirements.  But the overarching structure of my faith is based in pagan practice, and pagans do not advertise, or proselytize; nor do we participate in public professions of belief, unless we so choose.  The pagan faith is a nature-based practice; it is not necessary to do anything except live in a manner that respects the earth, the cosmos,

Moon so close....

 and the connection between every member of, and element of, the natural world.

I prefer to perform my own ceremonies.  But I am also not purely pagan.  I love ritual, and always have: everything from Christmas Eve Christian services, to Easter Sunrise, to New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies, to meditation and the mindfulness of Far Eastern practices.  I have a Tibetan Singing Bowl

Hand-decorated Tibetan Singing Bowl

which now has a place of enormous honor on my newly clean table.  When I sit there, I spend a few minutes first, playing the bowl and clearing my mind.  I also create new ceremonies of my own as my spirit and/or creative urges compel me.  One of the benefits of pick-and-choose religious practices is that the practitioner may create whatever he or she needs to fulfill personal beliefs.  It is autonomy in the most intimate way.


I love to read your thoughts...

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