MY Top Five…

I’ve seen several top five lists this week, and I feel inspired to write one, myself.  I am not going to make it easy on myself, however;  no top five Classic Rock songs or All-time top five Sci-Fi Movies, or Top Five from Led Zeppelin, or the Beatles.  No, that would be way too simple.  My Top Five List is very subjective, as I guess it should be.  I’m listing my top five favorite musicians/singles/performances of the 2000s.  That’s right —  I never listen to current music, I have almost no use for hiphop, and if I hear one more 14-year-old “diva,” who refuses to hit even one note solidly in an entire song….Well, anyway, this is my list, with youTube links.  I hope I don’t seem too much like an old fart, but if I do, it’s only because I am, kind of.

  1. Pink — Funhouse.  The whole album.  This cut is So What.  I recently had the great good fortune to surf by the very beginning of her Funhouse concert in Australia, on LOGO Network.  I had heard a couple of the tracks, but listening to the whole thing, and watching her perform it, was electric.  I am listening to Funhouse now, and I remember the sets and costumes for every song.  Very, very cool.  As is she herself.
  2. Also Pink — An extra bonus to the concert mentioned in #1 — Pink, and her band and all her dancers and backup singers did an honest-to-Freddy-Mercury performance of Bohemian Rhapsody.  She is the only artist I have ever heard sing the complete song on stage. I don’t think even original artists Queen ever performed the entire song live.  What a treat!!     
     (This is by far the best copy, but, as you can see, whoever posted it was thinking about Led Zeppelin when he/she captioned it.
  3. Mumford and Sons — Little Lion Man — Warning:  This is the full video of this song, and the lads use the F*** word in the chorus, for those of you who might be offended.  If that keeps you from watching this, it’s your loss!  Mumford and Sons is a London Folk Quartet, who seemed to come out of nowhere, and blasted onto the charts with this hard-hitting folk song.  Singing is very good, but the instruments are even better.
  4. Christina Perri —Jar of Hearts — This is a mature, lovely song which appeals to women and girls of many ages.  My 12-year-old niece and I share a real love of this song, and I really like the video, too.  Christina has an unstrained, easy voice which nevertheless conveys tons of feeling with each word.
  5. Carlos Santana, featuring Rob Thomas — Smooth.  Carlos Santana and the band, Santana, have been making music since their first self-titled album, in 1969.  The band appeared at Woodstock, in 1969, and were a full-on hit from the very start, although they were not particularly well-known at the time.    Carlos Santana’s guitar is unmistakable, and from ’69 right through till 2010, he has stayed current, without losing his singular sound.  He’s been around since before I was in Junior High, but almost two more generations have had the privilege of hearing him spin new tales with his guitar.

As I’ve been writing this list, I’ve thought of several others, but I’m stopping here.  At least one of these songs was written a long time ago, but the recordings I’ve chosen show newer performers who ought to be watched for the next 50 years or so.  Or so I think!


4 responses to “MY Top Five…

    • Isn’t she something? I was blown away when they did the whole song — and what a concert that was. Funhouse is a terrific album! Did you listen to any of the others? The links should take you there, and I stuck in a link to Soul Surrender from Woodstock, just for fun. Mumford and sons are a tough-as-nails, guiness-guzzling, fuck-all swearing bunch of London lads — their appearance on the charts was a real shock! And Christina Perri — I love that woman’s voice, and this song she wrote is beautiful. Glad you liked the Santana!

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