Choose Happiness!

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

This morning, I drew a card from my Four Agreements deck by Don Miguel Ruiz.  A daily card is part of my morning ritual, and I have been doing this for years now — 6 or 7, perhaps.  I find that having one lesson on which to focus for the day is much more effective than concentrating on the larger idea of all four Agreements.

The Four Agreements are based on ancient Toltec wisdom, and they are:

The Four Agreements

  1. Be Impeccable with your Word
  2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions
  4. Always Do Your Best

Today’s card is from the Agreement, Always Do Your Best.  The card says Take Your Life and Enjoy It:  You are alive, so take your life and enjoy it.  You were born with the right to be happy, to love, and to share your love.  Just to be — to take a risk and enjoy your life — is all that matters.

You know when you read a horoscope, it seems to apply to your exact circumstance?  Even though it is actually a general idea that would benefit everyone, regardless of astrological sign?  Well, I guess my spirit and psyche contain such confused history that every single card feels that way — like it was first written that morning, about me!  And this one is no exception; in fact, this lesson is at the center of my journey — my blog, my mood, my activities, my rituals, my health, my friendships.  Everywhere, EVERYWHERE in my life I am experiencing happiness and confidence, where just a year or so ago I was living in fear, sadness, and anger.  What a difference!

And how truly simple, (though not necessarily easy,) is the decision to enjoy your life?  Joy is a marvelous, fabulous, stupendous emotion to feel — except when you don’t and it feels like everyone else does.  That  is where I was, when I broke through.  My decision to enjoy my life — to be happy, and wide open to the world, and to let my spirit fly — was a real decision.  I took my inspiration and all of the knowledge I’d gleaned over the long years, and I decided I was going to be happy — well, decided I was going to stop being angry, and sad, and depressed, and fearful; being happy followed very quickly.

I have lived a long life with Type I Diabetes, and I spent that entire time believing that it was a death sentence — not some day, but on an exact date.  If I had told me, a year ago, that I would find it simple to be happy, I would have told myself, politely, to screw off.  There was absolutely no way in the world I could ever climb out from under the enormous weight of all those years, and all that sadness.  I would have been wrong.

This is a change every single person in the world can make.  The time spent leading up to the decision is often very frightening, even threatening; each one of us has innumerable excuses why it just won’t work for us.  I cannot change anyone’s mind or heart about that.  But I can tell you this — once you make the decision, you are going to look back and say to yourself, is that all I had to do?  And the answer, my dear fellow humans, is choose Yes.

Choose Yes


10 responses to “Choose Happiness!

  1. Interesting. I had to look up the Toltec civilization to learn when and where it existed. Reducing to how to live to 4 simple statements is a lot less complicated than other systems.

    • Ancient Mexico, pre-Mayan people, mostly in the Yucatan and down into Guatemala and Belize. My favorite place in the entire world to vacation, and I love the people who live there. If you ever have too much disposable income, and can’t decide where to go, spend a week in an all-inclusive resort. Go to the blog, and search for the word cenotes — you can read some of my feelings and experiences from down there. Enjoy!

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