Share Your World 03/18/2012

Share Your World   comes to us, once again, from Cee.  Cee created this challenge to help us bloggers learn more about each other.  The challenge consists of four questions.  Answer them , and link them back to Cee’s Blog, where others may read them and get to know you.  These are the four questions for this week’s ShareYourWorld.

  • If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?  For a while, I’ve been saying Mexico, but I am no longer sure.  Mexico is far too close to the US.  I think I would choose a country on the Mediterranean — most likely Turkey, as I lived there before.  It’s a beautiful country with truly loving and friendly people, at least along the West Coast.  My reasons would be the people, the archaeology, and the proximity to the Mediterranean.  (Photo courtesy of

    Look at the color of that water!

  • If your were a car or truck what make, model, year and color would you be?  A 1979 Ford Thunderbird “Heritage,” Midnight Blue Metallic, with Chrome Trim all around.  But it’s now 2012, so I look worse for wear, not so shiny, don’t run so cleanly; but man, I was something in my day!
  • What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?  SCUBA, preferably the Mediterranean or the Pacific.
  • Where do you eat breakfast?  The same places I eat most of my meals:  either in my recliner, or at my newly clean, still uncluttered desk (I am so proud of that, and so grateful to my friend D.)  If I have the option of having breakfast anywhere in the world, I would say Santorini, on a patio of a snow-white house with blue door and tile roof, not quite hanging off a cliff over the Mediterranean.  In my lacy nightie, with strong coffee and sweet Baklava for breakfast.  MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


12 responses to “Share Your World 03/18/2012

  1. You know I just adore your outlook on life and all it brings? So many people take things such as going home as a bummer or complete downer. You on the other hand see the blossoms on the thorny stem. I adore that. It’s going to be a laid back tour of the old hood, a pass by the fave fast food joint and then to the Days Inn. Not only spending the night there for lodging but some networking with the manager as a group of Red Hat Mountain Momma’s are headed to Portland in May for a Shop Till You Drop annual tri. Two nights, three days.

    How are you? Have not had time nor the chance to catch up on your life and pray all is well?

    • Your Grace, if you had known me a year ago, you wouldn’t even recognize in me the person that I am now. I see the blossoms because I literally just found them for the first time, and they (the world) are so beautiful, I try to find them wherever I look. I am fine — had a couple of tough days, as I bet you’ll read in my posts, but all is well again, and I am walking along my happy path. I hope you are the same!

  2. You are my pal and I am so ever grateful for your faith in me. I am heading east towards home tomorrow, one more night in Portland, actually C;ackamas. Where I grew up and went to high school. Be home sometime Sunday afternoon in time for the Nascar race at the California Speedway. Who has more fun than I?

    • You have a lock on the fun, my friend! Visiting the old home town is so fascinating — everything seems to have changed size. Not only because you are taller, but because adult eyes don’t see as much of the world in wonder as we did as kids! 😎

  3. Great answers Judith. Forgive me for being so late. Beach vacation got in way and instead of blogging I’ve been talking. Thanks for being faithful and devoted despite me not showing up here until now. You are the best.

    • I love your answers — I think this is what Cee intended when she created this challenge. How nice to meet people and find out such interesting stuff. By the way, I have a sister just outside of SanDiego — if you move there, I bet she’d show you around! 😎

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