I’m Ba-ack!

Whenever I have a morning like yesterday, one of the things that most frightens me is that it feels so bad, I don’t know if I’m strong enough to recover.  I spent so damned many years in that awful black place, and I remember all too clearly not being able to shake it off at all, but rather having nothing to look forward to except more, and more, and more of the same.

I was so happy to wake up this morning and see the sun shining, and take stock of myself to find that I felt good again.  We are in a wonderful warm spell here in Maine — temps today are supposed to reach 78℉, so I’m going to spend an hour of my day sitting outside, reading and just breathing in the spring air.

Spring Perennials

Maine has not always had springs — in fact, until the last few years, we went from winter to black fly and mud season, to summer.  But, in just the last couple of years, we have had an actual time of awakening, when the crocuses begin to peek their heads out of the ground, and the trees put on buds that are just straining to pop.  What a great time of year to feel so good!

So, thank you all for your patience and good wishes for the last couple of days — I’m back on top and ready to forge ahead.  Happy spring, everybody.  My brain can just try to bring me down — it won’t work, today!


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