30-Day Challenge: Spirituality, Day 27

Day 27:  Write a letter to someone who does not share your faith, and explain the reasons you would or wouldn’t consider converting to theirs.  (For this topic, please don’t feel like you have to delve deeply into the other’s religion or faith.  Just the highlights will do.)  Remember, you aren’t trying to convince them; you are responding to their effort to convince you.

All right — Who wrote these awful questions?  Wait a minute; I did!  What in hell was I thinking when I wrote this one?  I think I must have been half-asleep, or something.  Anyway, I’m not going to answer it.  But I thought of another:

Day 27A:  Have you experienced any strange or supernatural or divine phenomena which involved your faith?  If you’d like, please describe.

I have not experienced a divine phenomenon, but I did receive a sacred healing ceremony from Amaru Li. He is a Peruvian shaman, and he uses ancient Peruvian healing techniques, power animals, and blessings, as well as massage, crystals, and music, and both the spoken word and song.

Amaru Li, Peruvian Shaman

 My session with Amaru was a gift from my sister, S., who had traveled to Egypt with Amaru and his wife, Mary Lomando, an Egyptologist and Jungian astrologer.  Thank you so much, S.

The ceremony was long and quite involved, and I  won’t try to describe it all here.  Amaru used his voice, drums, crystals, (I think,) and his hands.  Now, I don’t know if he is a registered reiki master, but I could feel the power in his hands being transferred to me.  He helped me on the road to getting my soul back in balance.  I didn’t really understand it completely till much later.  But I immediately felt more energetic, more peaceful, stronger, and far more connected to the natural world around me.

Amaru helped me to identify my power animal, and he told me that I was in the process of changing from the horse, who obeys and is usually docile, to the wolf, who is anything but.

The entire ceremony was sacred — nothing put on at all.  Amaru is a true shaman, who understands the connections between every living thing, and calls on those connections in different ways, to heal, balance, and in my case, impart a sense of hope for better things to come.  I honor him, and thank him here again for the gifts he gave me.


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