30-Day Challenge: Spirituality, Day 30

Day 30:  Has your sense of your own spirituality been changed by participating in this challenge?  Please explain.

I included this question so I could see how other people fared with this challenge, but I need now to answer for myself:  Surprisingly, yes.

When I wrote this challenge, I deliberately wrote some evocative topics into it, in order to spark others to think long and hard about spirituality in their lives.  I knew I was going to do the challenge myself, but I was not thinking about how I would answer these more complicated questions.  As I looked at the prompt, day after day, I was a little horrified at how difficult some of these topics are.  I changed one, Day 27, because it made absolutely no sense.  But other than that one, I’ve left it all the same.



Because I found, as I’ve answered these questions, that I was not quite as solid in my faith as I thought I was.  I believe, and I practice, but I wasn’t totally sure of what I believed.  This post helped me find that, fast.  I also learned a lot of interesting information, especially about paganism, and I rediscovered the tenet of pagan practice, that we don’t proselytize or try to draw members to us.  People find pagan groups when they are ready to find them, as I did, with the help of my sister.

Also, I didn’t understand as much as I thought I did about polytheism — in fact, although I had a (partial) seminary education, I hadn’t even brought the word into my consciousness to describe myself.  I found great interest in studying other polytheistic faiths, as well.

So, my challenge questions backfired on me in a very good way:  they helped me name, contemplate, learn, and act with more depth than I had on the first day.  I guess the Cosmos was letting this information roll my way, once I opened my mind to receive it.

I encourage any of you to give this a shot — even one-word or one-sentence answers will be interesting and informative.  I’ll be writing another challenge for May — I want to be a little bit more deliberate, and less seat-of-the-pants about the whole thing!  Thank you for reading, and for your likes and comments.  It all means a lot.


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