My Gratitude List 03/24/2012

As it is Saturday, again, so soon, I present my Gratitude List for this week.  And what a week it has been.

Mom in the 8th grade

I am grateful for my family, and for the forgiveness I believe I’ll find after making a mistake.  The love and support I receive from my sisters is unmatched, and sister S. has offered me more than anyone.  I am thankful that I am able to spend quality time with my mom, which I never thought possible to do, and that we have a lot of fun together.  I am very grateful that my dad and stepmother are so happy together — I hope they are together for a very long time.

I am grateful to live in Maine, a beautiful state.  This last week had 3 days in the upper 70s, which is very warm for us for this time of year.  How really wonderful it was to go outside in shorts and a T-shirt, and to feel the warm breeze on my face and arms and legs.  Even though the temperature is back to normal 40s today, those lovely warm days were such lovely harbingers of spring.

And I am happy and excited about the weather for another reason:  my walking group is getting organized, and we’ve almost worked out a schedule.  Many of these woman I haven’t seen since October, so I’m grateful to be seeing them again soon.

Spring nesting in Maine

I am grateful for the other members of my dream team, as well as for my mom, for their interest and encouragement during the writing of my book. And I’m very grateful to have begun the book — no longer just wishing I could write, but actually writing the book and the blog.  I am especially thankful for all my bloggy friends, who love and support me so generously.

I am grateful to be alive, grateful that my diabetes is much more well-controlled, grateful that my anemia is “in remission,” as it were.  I am so thankful that my mom is not wrestling with a blood clot, as we thought she might be.  I’m glad to have reached this equilibrium with my own health in time to be steady with her about hers.

I don't usually go for cute, but this is how it feels!

My gratitude and thanks bucket is overflowing.  I am the luckiest person I know, and the most blessed.  Namaste.


8 responses to “My Gratitude List 03/24/2012

    • Thanks, Robin! I started that when I was first blogging, and feeling awful. It made me feel better then. Now I use it to remind me of how blessed I really am. I recommend it highly. 😎

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