I am terribly forgetful.  Not only obscure things like actors’ names, but really important stuff.  For instance:

  • Tonight I have a meeting with my dream team.  I look forward all week to these meetings.  I print stuff from the blog, and write stuff outside the blog, and bring it all along with me to meetings.  This is a very important group for me, and today, I completely forgot.  If my friend, Emily, hadn’t called me, I would not have been ready for tonight at all.  The reason I worry about this is I woke up this morning, and all I had on the calendar was a phone call.  After I made that call, I just assumed that I was done for the day, and able to relax and surf the web, and post, and watch movies.

Oops!  The most important weekly activity in my life right now slipped my mind completely.  What can I say about that?  What do I do?

I do Sudoku puzzles every day to keep my mind sharp.  I read regularly as well.  I engage in intellectual conversations with whomever will talk with me, in order to stimulate my brain and keep it working hard.  So why can’t I remember important information like this?

The only answers I can come up with is the one lurking in so many people’s minds.  I am growing older by the minute, and all I can do is hope that I don’t lose my thinking abilities all together.  If you begin to see signs of memory loss — PLEASE SPEAK UP!  I’ll need to know as early as possible, in order to finish all the bucket list I’ve made before I can’t function on my own any more.

Seriously, I don’t think I’m close to that happening, except when I’ve missed a couple of nights’ sleep.  But I’ll be watching carefully if I begin to lose more memory — I’d hate to add one more burden to all the burdens my family bears for me.  And even more, I would hate to lose my ability to learn new ideas, see new and old art, swim, and enjoy all the beautiful aspects of life, which I have only just discovered.  So, I have some sudoku to do!


6 responses to “Forgetful

  1. It happens to me, too. Last week I couldn’t remember how to use my microwave – which I have had for three years. A scary couple of minutes, though such a small thing.

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