My Gratitude List, 03/31/12

As today is Saturday, and as Saturday is my day for regular, repeating projects, I present, once again, a list of events, people, items, and miscellaneous stuff for which I am grateful.

I am very, very grateful for my family.  I haven’t heard much from Sister S., because her daughter and family are visiting.  I am grateful they can spend time together as often as they do.  I’m also grateful, in advance, for the nice long conversation S. and I will have after all her visitors have left.  I am very grateful for my father’s and my agreement.  He has sent me some wonderful emails this week, and no politics.  Yay!  All of my sisters, and their families, are reasonably  healthy, as are their children, and I thank my siblings for encouraging their children to use their brains and their bodies every day.

I am grateful for an incident a couple of days ago, at which time I stopped writing to check my blood sugar, and it was 29.  I was still functioning,  That is a new thing.  I am thankful that my dentist, (what a nice sound that has!)  was able to use the root canal post from my first temporary crown to add another.  The entire procedure was painless and quick, and I thank Dr. Jeff and his assistant for that.

I live in a lovely apartment, and I am filled with gratitude when I look around, this morning, and realize that, though I’ve had no help for twelve days, the floors are clean, carpets vacuumed, dishes not done yet, but soaking, my table and desk are still clear, and I have maintained all of this by myself.  For those of you who haven’t read some of my earlier posts, I was a slob, with clutter everywhere, dishes never washed, dirty clothes piled up in the bedroom.  Today marks a great achievement, and I am thankful to my helper, S., who has left the company, and who encouraged me to develop this habit over the last couple of years, when 49 years of trying to do it myself never worked.

I am grateful for a van ride I received from our Medicaid-funded transportation system.  The dispatcher was unable to find me a volunteer, so I rode the couple of hours with the group who go to the methadone clinic every day.  They were friendly, kind, smiley people who made the long ride just lovely.  I had worried about being able to communicate with anyone besides the driver; no problem at all, and I’m grateful for that.

I am grateful that my mom has a doctor she likes.  Sometimes that just doesn’t happen.  Her doctor has referred her to a vascular specialist, and I’m hoping she can get some answers about her legs.

I thank the manager, and the owner, of the hardware store, who have put me back to two days on the schedule, instead of the one I’ve had recently.  This is what spring is like in the hardware business.  Suddenly, traffic picks up, and my bosses know that they can trust me to wait on the wide, wide variety of people, and their many moods, cordially and without getting too ruffled.  I wasn’t always that way!

I know I have missed many reasons to be grateful; I am happy, and rested, and feeling like I’m on top of all of the other things in my life.  My gratitude for that is the strongest of all.


2 responses to “My Gratitude List, 03/31/12

  1. 29!!! This is not good—keep some snacks by your computer! EAT, darn it!

    Seriously: watch yourself, Judith. 29 is not a good thing to have happen—especially when you’re alone.

    • Of course you’re right, George, and I have both some lemonade foil packets, and a Glucagon Emergency kit here at my desk. The thing is, I didn’t feel anything — no sweats, no shakes, nothing. And I counted my meds — I had taken my hydrocortisone that day, so that couldn’t be the reason. Anyway, I’m ready now!

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