Science Channel and The TED Talks

First, here are the dates for the rest of the TED talks on the Science Channel:

Episode 2 Premiere: Friday, April 6 @ 10PM e/p
Bill Gates … Tim Harford … Aaron O’Connell … Dan Ariely …
Episode 3 Premiere: Sunday, April 15 @ 11AM e/p
John Hodgman … David Gallo … Heather Knight … VS Ramachandran …
Episode 4 Premiere: Sunday, April 15 @ 12PM e/p
Pamela Meyer … Pranav Mistry … Phil Plait … William Kamkwamba …
Episode 5 Premiere: Sunday, April 15 @ 1PM e/p
Hans Rosling … Jill Bolte Taylor … Eythor Bender … Péter Fankhauser …

I hope some of you got to see the TED Talks Science premiere on the Science Channel, March 30.  I am not sure where to send around on the internet people  who missed the first program.  But I’m including here one of the Talks — An amazing woman named Bonnie Bassler, who has determined that bacteria can talk to each other.  Sound ridiculous?  Watch these videos, and be patient, because once the first surprise comes along, after the basics, the surprises just don’t stop.  The two parts make a 20-some minute talk, but it is worth every second!

This is the kind of talk you can find on TED Talks Science.  Follow the schedule above, and see the rest of these talks on Friday nights at 10:00PM.  You will be glad you did.


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