Last Week I Learned…

I am shamelessly taking this idea from Julia’s Place, which is also the home of the 100-Word Challenge for GrownUps.  Thank you, Julia — I believe that my week had many lessons for me, and recalling those lessons is always a good thing.  Last week, I learned:

  1. To slow my pace down some, to allow myself a little slack time to just be a person, not only a writer.  My black and white personality had been at work — several times I had to stop myself, quite literally, from sitting down at the computer to write some more.  I am letting my life settle out some — spring is a good time to renew our dedication to taking care of ourselves, and part of that task for me is to slow down, and let the rest of the world back into my consciousness.
  2. That despite my intent to encourage comments from every direction, that I can still react negatively to criticism.  I received a critical comment with regard to one of my posts, and I had typed a nasty reply before I stopped to think.  Fortunately, I caught myself before I hit Reply.  I erased my response, and spent some time thinking about comments.  My decision is to no longer answer every comment, or even most of them.  I know I am cutting myself out of some lovely conversations, but please don’t think if I don’t answer you that I don’t appreciate what you write.  This is another part of lightening my load — generally I sit at the computer for more than an hour, first thing in the morning, responding to comments, and then throughout the day, I’ve allowed my need to respond to everyone to cut into my writing, as I stop everything else to answer the comment, and often lose my train of thought.  And, beside that, I am anxious to see if what I say — “Please comment on anything, in any way; don’t worry that you will offend me,” is a way I can live, or if I need to allow my reactions to come out on the page, as well as in my own home.  So this new policy of not answering comments is, for me, an exercise in clarifying some important points about having a blog, and having lovely readers who are always ready to react.
  3. I enjoy, very much, time that I’ve spent this week with a mug of tea and friends to talk with, down in the big common room of my building.  We similarly met outside every morning last summer and fall, and I can’t wait to move back outside again.  Still, just spending time, (any time,) with my friends is a practice I’ve been ignoring, which I have now found in my life once again.
  4. That there is no rule in the English language forbidding prepositions at the end of sentences.  Thank you, I got the message.  I use that rule.  I put it in my story because it has long been  a source of smiles in my family.  That’s all.

All valuable lessons, and I assert that my lessons apply only to me, and are not intended to try to instruct, or criticize anyone else.  I believe this feature in the blog will be very helpful in organizing and straightening my thoughts.  Thanks again, Julia!


4 responses to “Last Week I Learned…

  1. I do the same thing Judith, in regards to nasty comments. I get all red faced and start seeing red and all sorts of nasty things come out of my mouth, then I stop….. relax, and quickly find the delete button! It’s good to try to just tune out the negativity, life is too short to be angry and upset. (The only issue is things will still bug you no matter how hard you try not to let them… ahhh darn emotions!) 🙂

  2. Hello Judith! How wonderful that you have taken up the baton. I had hoped lots would as I’m very nosey!
    I’m glad you hesitated before pressing Send! I have a habit of replying straight away rather than calming down first!

    Many thanks for the links!

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