On my choice of topics

Thanks to all of you for your concern after my little adventure yesterday.  I think I probably told that story a little too dramatically — the story is right, but …

The thing about diabetes is, today I feel fine.  In fact, I feel fine, and I’ve made a decision I should have made a long while ago.  I have been sttracting, with posts like yesterday’s, exactly the negative power in my life I want most to change — making large of diabetic incidents.  I’m done with that.  Those posts are (I’ve always wanted to use this word,) puerile and self-pitying.  So I’m finished writing them.

After all, many diabetics are on my reader list, obviously, (see title of blog!)  Every one of you who are diabetic have had different, but equally scary things happen to you.  I am being more than a little needy, when the only post I write all day is a blow-by-blow of an insulin reaction or two.  I know it’s my blog, and I can write whatever I wish, but I don’t wish to write this stuff anymore.  I have many more things to say that are far more important.

Again, thank you all for your concern, and for your comments.  My readers, (that’s you,) are the best on WorPress, and I feel very lucky.  I am off to work this morning, and then something this afternoon, but I’ll get a post in between the two.  All else is well with the world, and we have a chance today, at least, of another sunny day.  Yay!


4 responses to “On my choice of topics

  1. I totally respect and understand your decision not to write about that stuff – but I honestly didn’t see it as needy or dramatic. Episode of lows like that are unusual, and it’s normal to want to blog about them, even if it’s just to work through. It’s also good for others to see they aren’t the only ones who have tough days like that. So thank you for sharing that, I’m so glad you did. However, again, I completely respect your choice not to write about those kinds of things anymore. Always do what works best for you and your blog first!!

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