Taking Action

For most of my life, I could dream up new ideas with the best.  I had a soaring imagination, and knowledge enough to come up thinking interesting thoughts.  Even when I was young, I disarmed a couple of teachers by presenting something unusual, something different.  A new way to interpret a poem, a better way to decorate a cake.  I could think, and I could dream.

But I could not, or would not, do.  I lacked an important feature, necessary when speaking of ideas — the ability, or the willingness, or the audacity, or even just the strength of personal fiber to take action on  my ideas.  I would think of something so grand, so different, but also so possible, but I usually didn’t go anywhere with it.  It felt a little like me holding tight to this new action, in order that no one else steal it.  Very, very wasteful.

And then, as if I hadn’t missed enough chances, I insisted on being stoned, or on drinking, or on the depression which accompanied me throughout my life, to block movement toward an idea..  I became very skilled at finding excuses not to act.  I practiced some of them so regularly that I began to believe.  This was one area where negative self-talk  became part of my mindset, even though I was using it to accomplish what I thought I wanted.  Not anything I’m particularly proud of, or remembering fondly.

I am changing my ways to incorporate my new self-respect, and my respect of others.  So, the blog, and the book-to-be, are both exercises in carrying out an idea I first declared decades ago, that is, to write, an actual part of my life.

Take action!

I have gained self-confidence, and I am doing something about it.  This may be the first time I’ve committed to something, and then actually done it.  It certainly seems to me the most significant.

I intend to go on coming up with ideas, but not necessarily plans that would apply to everyone.  I can’t swing that, anymore.

A tool for taking action

I have determined to give up trying to imagine for the larger world, and to concentrate on myself and my place in the Cosmos.  As Don Miguel Ruiz says:

Without action on an idea, there will be no manifestation, no results, and no reward.


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