Expressing my own divinity

The title contains the words from my Four Agreements Card, by Don Miguel Ruiz..  No pussy-footing around here — I’m to declare that I’m divine

The Pantheon of Mount Olympus


Always Do Your Best

You don’t need the acceptance of others.  You don’t need knowledge or great philosophical concepts.  You have the right to be you, and you express your own divinity by being alive, and loving yourself and others.

If being myself and loving myself and others makes me divine, I must be an avatar of Artemis, the huntress,  right now!  Seriously, I am still a little het up, as my Colorado family used to say, but I’ve taken the meds, and I am feeling better.

I think I am myself.  I have not tried to cover up any of the snarky little bits of me that have been sticking out all over my self.  Being myself is not always a pretty task, or a comfortable one, but I’m not hiding behind any lies, a.  I just gave my most recent readings to my Nurse educator, and no apologies for going over on Easter.  She noticed.

Loving myself and others is more slippery, especially when someone makes the same mistake more than once.  But then I take responsibility for not calling that Rx in sooner, (see previous post,) and sometimes I have to straighten myself out.  I  love myself and I love all of you readers, and I love even the pharmacist’s employees, and I love other people, and I guess that’s close enough for now.

So, I am divine.  I already knew that, actually, and I see the same divine spark in everyone, just waiting to be fanned into a flame.  My goal is to love others enough to help them love themselves, and then join me on Mount Olympus, where there is always room for another goddess or god.


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