Last Week I Learned…

(Many thanks once again to Julia of Julia’s Place for this idea — I read hers, and I thought it was such a good idea, I brought it over here, with her permission.  Thanks so much, Julia.)

Last week I learned that:

  • It’s never a good idea to back too far off on posts and replies to comments.   My views per day was 288 on Monday, and 115 yesterday.  There is a lesson there.
  • I learned what my three most prized possessions are, from Share Your World, by Cee.  I also learned, once again, and with some struggle, not to worry about who will be offended because I didn’t list something they gave me.  That is the way we always did things, in my family.  No more!
  • For the first year, I had absolutely no feeling about Easter, except that the roast lamb at 99 was delicious.  I also learned, however, that my reaction to Good Friday had also changed — I am more humbled now by the extraordinary gift we all received from this man, Jesus.  Whether or not Jesus was divine, he believed that laying down his life would bring forgiveness  of the world’s transgressions.  What a courageous action for a man to take.
  • The temperature doesn’t matter at all if the wind is blowing 35mph — even 45℉ still feels damned cold!
  • Blogging is very good for me, and I credit this blog, and my new friends  for my new even temper, and my joie de vive.

This has been an im;  


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