A nice epilogue

I see my ex-husband every once in a while — he is working as a carpenter/plumber/jack-of-all-trades for a landlord in town with many duplexes and apartments, and he buys a lot of supplies in the store where I work.  We haven’t ever had any conversation to speak of — I say hi, he says hi, that’s about it.

But I had Cromwell on my mind.  When I got to work this morning, I saw that J. is actually doing a job for the store.  The next time he came near the registers, I said, “J., I wrote about you in my blog last night.”  I could see the eyebrow go up; so many interactions between us had been so bad.  So I said,”I wrote about what you did for Cromwell.”  He stopped, and came over, for what reason, I don’t know.  But I told him I had found all of those pictures, of Cromwell, and of Laslo.  (Laslo was his cat.)

He smiled, and asked if he could have a couple.  So I’m bringing them in when I work on Friday.  No bad feelings, no ignoring each other.  It was very nice.  I guess enough time has finally passed.  Or maybe it was just our babies, whom we loved so much, and whom we lost.


8 responses to “A nice epilogue

  1. That is wonderful. I like the line…”i could see the eyebrows go up” wondering what you may have written. It’s wonderful that you can both be ‘friends’ and civilised after all this time that saying hi is easy and then the ensuring conversation. Great post 🙂

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