Do you ever think about life with no sleep?  I don’t mean not being able to sleep.  I mean life which never included sleep.  On the one hand, we would have a lot more time for productivity, for play, for learning and understanding the situations we face each day.  But what would we be giving up?

I assume that, to have reached this point, we will have solved such important subjects as rest and recuperation.  But would it ever feel the same?  How many times have I climbed into bed, pulled the covers up under my chin, and fallen into a deep, restful sleep?  I would miss that.  Not the recovery from being tired, but the act of shutting off my mind for a few hours, and surrendering to that lovely darkness, when I feel like all is right with the world, and all I want is to sleep.

Also, I know I would miss the inspiration that comes to me as a result of dreaming.  Not the actual dream, but the lesson that becomes clear after I wake up.  Often, my transition between sleeping and waking is just the right moment, when my mind is still unfettered by all of the simple tasks that must be performed each day.  Usually, after I have gleaned that lesson, I forget my dream, and any meaning it might have.

And then there are the nights when I plan — for the next day or the next year, it doesn’t make any difference.  Often, I lie awake, making all kinds of plans for my future.  Just before sleep is a free time, when I don’t worry about how long that future with be.  I can look forward, often without fear, in a way I cannot achieve during full wakefulness.  And forward is where I want to look.

I believe some other part of my life would take the place of these times that I lost, but I cannot imagine what could possibly feel nicer than those wonderful few minutes, when I fall asleep.


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