Enter the Poet?

I don’t write poetry.  I tried, once, and even submitted a poem to a magazine.  The editor wrote back and suggested I see a therapist.  😎  No real surprise.  But this is National Poetry Month.  I wrote this on the spur of a moment when I thought I was looking ahead.  Seems I was wrong, sort of.  Anyway, all my friends, this is my first effort since 1990.  (And Mom, I’m sorry it doesn’t rhyme — love you!)


Time, so much gone by,

All and only this day ahead.

I have opened a new

Door, and walked

onto this crisp, novel  path.

Sometimes I feel such bliss,

such freedom;

Other times I’m still confused

By it all.

I scramble and rush,

When all I need to let happen

Is to believe that I

have enough time.


14 responses to “Enter the Poet?

  1. Judith: I’m no expert, but to me your poem is as good as any, probably better than a lot! Go for it! Diversify! Practice and you’ll become polished!

  2. I enjoyed your poem and would encourage you most heartily to ignore that editor who said you need to see a therapist!!

    Poetry is like art in the way that everyone thinks you have got to be a genius to do it justice but when you think about it, how many pictures does your average toddler churn out at nursery and we pin it all up on our fridge doors and kitchen walls with pride? There is an artist and a poet inside everybody. Don’t give up!!

  3. That’s for sure! There’s a place for everyone on the internet, so people will find you again. A good way to find new readers is to comment on other blogs – that’s what you did to me and how I found you!

    • I comment on almost every post I read, and if I don’t comment, I leave a like. I think I just need to toughen up — hard, when you’ve spent your whole life depending on what other people think. I know I’ve been a bummer lately — seems like the muse has gone to sleep. I’ll get tougher. Thanks!

  4. I think you say in your poem what many people feel.

    If you are interested in writing poetry, there are lots of good blogs that offer help, advice and prompts.

    • Thanks — I’m not sure if I want to make this a real thing, but if I do, I’ll start by looking at blogs. I appreciate your comment, Tilly B., and your willingness to stick with me — my readership is less than 1/4 what it was at it’s height. The ups and downs of blogging, I guess!

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