My Gratitude List 04/14/12

Saturday is my day for reflecting on all the reasons I have to be grateful.  They are many this week.

I am grateful that Mom is not facing the situation we feared, and I am very thankful that she has a doctor she trusts to help her with the conditions she does face.  I’m so grateful that she and I spend time together, and that at least once, every time, we have a good belly laugh!  I am thankful to be healthy enough to stand on my own next to her, and to offer her even a fraction of the support she has shown me.

I am grateful for my sisters.  I’m very thankful that I am in a good place to offer support and love.  I am grateful for sister S., who, even when we haven’t talked that day, sends love and caring that I can feel in my bones.  I am grateful to sister J., as well, for the lovely care package I received yesterday.  I’m wearing one of those blouses now, J.!  I love my family, and I’m grateful to have their love in return.  I wish them every happiness.

I am thankful for the dip in mood I went through this week — it became a lesson in  faith, in believing that I’d really changed, and that I would feel good again soon.  It worked.  I am darn near shouting for joy — it’s 52℉ outside, with bright blue skies and sunshine, and I had my cup of tea out on the patio in front of my building this morning.  I’ve been anticipating that since November — hooray for Spring!

I have such gratitude for the readers of my blog; for your encouragement and love and honesty.  I appreciate every bit of advice that comes along — I am following it all as well as I can, but with an eye on being myself in the process.  I am thankful to have this blog, and thankful that at least, so far, the government has not been able to reach into my life and shut it off.  I am worried, some, that this will happen; but don’t you think they’d be happy enough to be allowed to strip search me for jay-walking?  Our country is going nuts — I’m grateful to be one who can still make up my own mind.

So much more to be thankful for, but I’m going grocery shopping with Mom, after tea with her, sister DC., and my niece K., who is growing into a lovely young woman.  I’ll have much more next week — my life is full to the brim with blessings!


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