Six-Word Saturday 04/14/12

Six-Word Saturday has rolled around again.

Six-Word Saturday

This challenge comes to us from Show My Face, and it’s an exercise in the complex art of choosing just the right words to convey the idea.  The challenge requires six words to describe

one thought about my life.

My Six-Word Saturday submission is:

Release me from my Stats addiction!


24 responses to “Six-Word Saturday 04/14/12

  1. Statistics! damn statistics. Personally the numbers are neither here or there – I get excited when I see that someone in a totally different hemisphere or timezone has visited.

  2. Time will likely cure it. That and the overall score getting higher. Ofcourse it’s easy for me — I’m a poet, and whatever readership I get for my blog is going to be a lot more than the little literary magazines rake in, even if it’s nothing in general blogging terms.

  3. Even, I had the same feeling long time ago! Accidentally, I deleted that option one day .. and was too lazy to add again! The other night, I was thinking to add it again.. 😀
    Anyway, Happy week ahead! ^_^


  4. Absolutely! We could even have online meetings…although those might “feed our addiction”. (lol) I like your other meaning for BSA, too. Mind if I borrow that? I know a few people it applies to. 😉 Now back to treating our addictions…

    • What a terrific idea — Blog Stats Anonymous, although the Boy Scouts may object to us using their signature BSA. (When I was in college, we used BSA for a phrase completely different — Bull Sh*t Artist [or Asshole.]) Anyway, I think it’d be fun to share our addictions! Great idea! You can be our “Bill W.” 😎

  5. I was just thinking about mine this morning. I’m not a prductive blogger and when I’ve not blogged recently watching that stat number go down is dis-heartening. Oh well. I should get off the pot… or…

    Did you see the For My Friend Judith post on my blog?

    • Thank you, Karen. What a lovely comment. I am having the time of my life, and I haven’t looked at stats today, which makes me feel good about myself. Seeing such positive comments as this is a big step in the right direction — I so love the support. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thank you, Ron. It’s been in the background the whole time I’ve had this blog — will they read me, will they like me, will they ignore me? All that is leftover emotion from before, but obviously I have more to work out! Thanks for commenting.

      • I think most of us feel like that Judith. I get excited everytime I get more than 2 likers/comments to a certian blog… love my stats, but they are not the end of the world. I’m trying to concentrate on the total rather than each day (it’s hard sometimes). We all strive for some kind of recognition and with blogs it’s that darstardly little stats bar…

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