Share Your World 04/15/12

We are here on a Sunday once again, and it’s time for Share Your World.

Share Your World

This task comes to us from Cee; it is designed as a way to learn about each other, and what makes each of us us tick.  Many thanks to Cee for this challenge; it allows me to accomplish that goal very easily.  Here are this week’s four questions:

  1. Do you believe in ghosts?  Yes, but not in the spooky way the word ghosts implies.  I believe that we are all eternal beings, and that the spark which makes us who we are joins the cosmic energy flow, after the death of the body.  I believe that individuals can be touched by that energy flow, and I know I have been.
  2. What is your best recipe?  I make a mean white pizza — or I did, when I still had my Kitchen-Aid mixer to make the crust. Instead of sauce, I used garlic olive oil.  On the pizza, chopped red sweet peppers, scallions, and halved calamata olives.  Mozzarella cheese under the toppings, and lots of Feta Cheese on top.  Mmmmm-mmmmmmm!
  3. What is your most favorite smell/scent?  Rugosa Roses.

    Rugosa Roses

     I call them beach roses, because they are often found near salt water, at least here in Maine.  They have the most glorious smell, and I know of places that have dozens of bushes with hundreds of blossoms — just stand and breathe.

  4. What subject was your favorite in all of your schooling? Why?  It would have to be 9th Grade English, not because of the subject matter, although I loved English classes.  My 9th grade English teacher, Mr. K., was Greek, and looked like and talked like the men we knew in Turkey — kind of blustery and bluff, but with the sweetest heart.  To this day I miss him.

6 responses to “Share Your World 04/15/12

  1. I like your answers, Judith. The untamed portion of our property that is exposed to the sun is a mass of wild roses that look like your photo insert. It is a delightful heady scent for sure.

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