The Lesson Learned

(I have written this poem in honor of my mom, for whom poetry always rhymes.)

The Lesson Learned

If I would take an honest look at all the crazy roads I’ve took,

Or on the wild ride life has been, I can imagine, now and then,

That every dumb mistake I made has value.  Every role I’ve played

Is just a lesson I can use to help me win, or let me choose

A surer way to spend my days in joy, and to reject malaise

And trust that happiness will bring me peace.  For over anything

I would possess the most, I’d say, contentedness to end my day.


10 responses to “The Lesson Learned

    • That is what I’m doing — I have it one a post-it on my screen, so it’s the first thing I see every day. Thanks for you kind words, and your support, my friend.



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