My Gratitude List 04/21/12

Once again, I am overwhelmed by the number of reason I have to be grateful today.  I’m grateful to Mom, for taking me to breakfast, after which we went shopping.  Another of those lovely Saturday mornings.  I am grateful for my sisters, with whom I usually agree, and my brother and my father, with whom I almost always disagree.  Each is teaching me a lesson I want to know.

I am grateful that I have learned to listen.

I am grateful for my health, and the parts of it over which I have some small measure of control.  I am grateful for the lessons I am learning every day, about how to be joyful in a sometimes-scary world.  I am thankful to be alive.

I am thankful for my new haircut, which actually looks like the one in my picture.  I’m grateful that I have all kinds of spring clothes, and can almost fold away the turtlenecks.  I am particularly happy to have seen, in Target today, wall after wall of big, dangly earrings.  I wore these in the 80s, and I fully intend to wear them now.  They make me feel very snappy.

I am grateful for this glorious little blue planet, Earth, and for the fact that people around the world will be acknowledging tomorrow the care we need to take.  And even if they forget the next day, some teenager is someday going to think, “I remember my first Earth Day celebration.  Am I doing what I can to meet the needs of our home in the universe?”  I am grateful for the many groups of people involved in fighting the thoughtless, wasteful legislature being pushed to our lawmakers, and I pray that those lawmakers will see the light.

So many things for which to give thanks.  So I do.


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