Last week I learned…

Monday brings a chance to reflect on the week gone by:

Last week, I learned:

  •  that I can write readable poetry, and that someday, with enough practice, I will write good poetry.
  • That when I am writing about the lessons I learned, in my life, that is my most powerful writing;  I assume because I said so little for so long.
  • That I draw a great deal of inspiration from The Four Agreement Cards, by Don Miguel Ruiz.
  • That my friend is not moving away — kind of a good news/bad news situation, because this means her husband didn’t get the promotion that he deserved.
  • That, in preparation for writing a book with stuff from the blog, I need to print every post I write, and keep organized.
  • That I love my internet community, and I value each of you highly.
  • That I’m still having a blast with Mom, whenever we go out for breakfast and shopping.
  • That my sister, S., is my greatest cheerleader, (figuratively, of course — I wouldn’t imply.)  She is also my compass, when I need to reorient my life.
  • That I still love Armageddon, and will watch it whenever it’s on.
  • And finally, that people who are paid far more money than I have ever seen, (and who should know better,) are using words like orientated, and excitedness, and courteousness, and approvement.  I actually wrote a letter to one of these companies, and asked for their response, which I have not yet received.

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