Haiku on a gray day

Rain is falling, and we need it; still, I feel great in my warm apartment.  I have a book to finish,, and another to start.  I am very happy, here at home.

Haiku on a gray day

Gloomy day outside.

Inside, a warm place to sit,

Back in my PJs.


6 responses to “Haiku on a gray day

  1. Sensible!

    You really have a knack for these. If you are going to keep on writing them – and I hope you are – I thought you might like to know a little more.

    Technically, you are writing senryu. The simplest way to know the difference is to remember this: haiku are about nature; senryu, the nature of man. It’s a broad categorisation, but helpful.

    They don’t usually have titles – a rule I ALWAYS break: titles are useful.

    They don’t have to strictly adhere to the seventeen syllable count. The seventeen syllables were carried over from the Japanese but their language structure is so different from ours that their reason for seventeen syllables (I forget what it is) doesn’t apply in English. But we do it anyway 🙂 Having said that, I always go with seventeen syllables, even though I don’t have to; I suspect I’m contrary.



    I do hope you continue to write these; you really are a natural.

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