Last week, I learned that…

Over the course of the last week, I have been offered many lessons.  I hope that I have been open to receiving them.  Some are:

  1. …that even though I now give myself permission to feel what I feel, and to say what I want to say, I will still have to be very careful about what I say — not everyone is in the same place I am concerning the Four Agreements.
  2. …that I really need to get by some of the childhood things that still hold me back.
  3. …that, until I complete #2, I am not really free.
  4. …that I like poetry, and in two weeks it has become my most popular category
  5. …that I should pay attention when a symbol or sign is thrown in my face, like Don’t Make Assumptions, over and over.
  6. …that 50℉ is only warm until the 50 mph winds come along!
  7. …that for now, anyway, green has become my favorite color!  Yay, Spring!

I would bet that I learned a lot more than this, but I believe I’ve hit the bases.  I especially must remember that this blog is a privilege to write, and it has helped me so much in my transition.  I look forward to new lessons for this week!


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