The Fallout of Being Completely Open

(N.B.  Tilly bud was good enough to include the following with a comment:  Technically, you are writing senryu. The simplest way to know the difference is to remember this: haiku are about nature; senryu, the nature of man. It’s a broad categorisation, but helpful.  Thank you, Tilly Bud!)

Sad, I’ve lost some joy

Feel myself being dragged back

Into old conflicts


Asking for pardon

For not knowing where to stop

Not receiving it


Understand.  No one

Can be perfect all the time

I made a mistake


Scolded, made to see

Consistent with old feelings

Some one will be hurt


8 responses to “The Fallout of Being Completely Open

    • I have neglected honesty with my dad altogether until last year, when I stopped lying to everyone. I just need to polish up that tact — I was very tactful when I was lying, which make it feel fake now. I’m working on it. I know you haven’t forgotten — absolutely no rush, no pressure. Thanks for your comment — it helps.

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