100-Word Challenge for Grown ups

Hi!  Julia has given us an interesting prompt today for the 100WCGU.  If you want to participate, use the link and click the 100WCGU Page.  Let’s see what I can do with


I asked for red, not ruby.  Do you know the difference?  Ruby is a slightly more purple-red than what I’m talking about:  Fire-engine red, barn-red, blood red, red like a Campbell’s soup can, as red as tulips, and red like poppies.  I wanted woodpecker-head red, red like the Red Sox wear, red like a Coke can, swiss-army-knife red, 1964 1/2 Ford-Mustang red, red like the line under a misspelled word, red like a scarlet parrot, or cardinal-red, perched in the top of tree.  Any of these would be better than Ruby.  Thank you.


4 responses to “100-Word Challenge for Grown ups

  1. Hehe – I hope they got it right the next time around. 🙂 I’d love to know what the author was given that wasn’t quite right.

    • It could be anything, but I was thinking about clothes. I look good in orange-y reds, and awful in Ruby reds. So many people have no idea that there is a difference. I’ve bought clothes through Woman Within, and other online stores, and what they call red is almost always ruby!

      • I can tell this is a subject dear to your heart! Online providers need to take a course in properly naming warm and cool coloured goods – might be a niche training market there!

      • I certainly wish someone would address the problem! I am the world’s worst at returning things through the mail, so I have drawers full of purple-y red clothes. If I had any time to spare…but not even minutes to devote to a career change! 😎

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