Beginning my Birthday

(N.B.  Tilly bud was good enough to pass along some technical info.  Technically, you are writing senryu. The simplest way to know the difference is to remember this: haiku are about nature; senryu, the nature of man. It’s a broad categorisation, but helpful.  Thank you, Tilly Bud!)

I’m not sure why, but I’m finding myself drawn to this odd form of poetry; multiple senryus together for one idea.  Since I can do almost anything I want on the blog, here is today’s:

Yay! it is my day

My birthday, and I am a

Very happy girl!


Up before the sun

And right to my computer.

All my e-mails done.


Breakfast is calling.

Toast and eggs scrambled softly;

Check my glucose first.


There goes the poker;

Drop it almost every time.

Bend to get it…CRASH!


Fell on my forehead.

Shouldn’t bend not hanging on —

Time to go to work.


What was I thinking?

I can’t run the register,

Head worse than I thought.


Can’t help messing up.

I feel like an imbecile!

Time to get on home.


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