This is how corny I can be!

Good morning.  I’ve been humming a really corny song since I woke up, and even though I know it will date me, and everyone will say I’m a pansy (Not really; I  don’t care, I am a pansy!  And I love Karen Carpenter’s voice!)  Anyway, for anyone old enough to turn on a pop AM station in the 70s, you likely heard this:


12 responses to “This is how corny I can be!

    • Amen to that — what a terrible loss. Imagine what she would have done in all these years. Here voice, Andy Williams’, and Paul Simon’s voices all sound like perfectly tuned woodwinds — I think of Karen as a clarinet. She makes the lower notes full to the brim with energy, and the higher ones as clear as a bell. Glad you liked the song!

  1. The Carpenters are my husbands all time fave pop artists. She had a voice that was like velvet, she is missed greatly in this household and played quite often. Our music loves still tend towards the 60’s and 70’s. That’s what makes up our library mostly. I am the one who ventures into the realm of new artist. Like Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Mario Frangilio, etc..

    How music moves us so ~

    Happy Birthday again Love!

  2. I LOVE this song! 🙂
    (Which means you’re not necessarily dating yourself–I was BORN mid-way through the 70s, and I still love this song.)

  3. Thank you Judith. I love the Carpenters. Karen Carpenter was taken from us far too early. One of my favourite albums is a tribute from the mid 90’s – If I were a Carpenter. Really great 90s artist paying tribute to some great songs. The Cranberries doing close to you is awesome. Long Live The Carpenters!

    • The Carpenters played and sang accompanied me in my tweens, and my heart breaks to see her so thin in this clip — this must have been shortly before she died. Some of their songs still make me shout with happiness — this is one. Thanks for the info on the 90s album — I’m going to find it. I’m glad you enjoyed!

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