For doggy-poopy-picker-uppers

Many thanks to The Laughing Housewife for her post today, which inspired this poem to leap from my fingers onto the computer.  Thanks, Tilly Bud!

For doggy-poopy-picker-uppers

You walk your dog, and when you do,

You bring a bag for all his poo

Designer Dog Poop Bags? Illustrated Instructions?

My goodness, you don’t want to walk

In dog poo.’twould be such a shock

To have to clean your shoes of poo.

But, isn’t that what we used to do?

I don’t know what this habit proves,

To chase your dog when his bowel moves.

We’ve all become so scared of dirt,

Nothing did our young lives hurt

By scraping poo off of our shoes.

Oh well, I’ll just remained confused.


2 responses to “For doggy-poopy-picker-uppers

    • You see, nobody ever told us anything like that — we would try to make each other step in it. Of course, you may print or borrow the poem — but if you end up wanting to publish it, just get hold of me, okay? Thanks again for the inspiration!

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