My Gratitude List, 05/05/2012

This has been an exceptional week for feeling grateful.  The Cosmos has seen fit to present me with many different kinds of experiences, each of which offered an important lesson.

As always, I am undoubtedly most grateful for my family.  In the course of this week, I have learned to exercise tact and judgment in my writing; I have learned, with some difficulty, that being someone’s memory in a doctor’s appointment does not give me permission to list symptoms or explain anything; that a birthday which starts out roughly can end up beautifully; that even when I’m confident, I may need to have someone to talk to, and others feel the same way;  that even from afar, my family makes me happy to belong.

I am thankful that I work at a job which I love, with  people I genuinely care for, and that my job is one I enjoy so much.  I am grateful for the increased comfort with which I use the city bus.  A year ago, I would have said you were crazy if you predicted that change.  I thank my Mom for her patience while I got to this point.  Thanks, Mom!

I thank every holy thing that I am alive now, with all the wonderful technology available to monitor and manage diabetes.  I am grateful as well for procedures and tests which allow others to know their diagnosis.  Not knowing is the hardest thing, so I am happy to say that I understand my current situation.  No more worries.

I am grateful beyond words for the group of friends I’ve met through this blog, and the friends I’ve made here at home.

I am grateful that I made a lovely flower arrangement from 3 different bags of materials.  My thanks to the Universe extend to include

Bruce Dern, with Huey and Dewey
in Silent Running

the fact that, while skimming channels yesterday, during a break from typing, I happened upon The Rocky Horror Picture Show,

Funny, that the book cover is the best shot available!

 a film I love and enjoy watching.  In the same way I watched Silent Running, this week, and Kelly’s Heroes.  These may seem like trivial events for which to give thanks, but I believe that in between all of the important stuff, we all need to be thankful for the little things, as well.

Finally, I want to thank my family for pitching in to buy a slow-cooker for me for my birthday, and to thank Mom for the

My new and wonderful Slow Cooker
from Hamilton Beach

delicious birthday lunch we have planned for noon today.

As I said, an exceptional week of events for which to be very grateful. I am.

Osprey nest at the Taste of Maine restaurant


2 responses to “My Gratitude List, 05/05/2012

  1. Celebrating your graciousness with you today~ How beautifully said. your point about the doctors appointemet is so well taken. I’ve been there, done, and will again.

    Be courageous in your graciousness Beauiful Soul. This great big universe so needs you. As do I, this simple blogger.

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